Bonds – Commercial

Fairfax Insurance Services can provide you bonds to fit your commercial needs. You may find that these are also called commercial surety bonds. For example, an insurance agency such as Fairfax is required to be bonded by the State of California.

Many licensed professionals require bonds in order to legitimize that person’s occupation for another organization. It could be a State Law, or a licensing organization’s statute. Regardless of your commercial surety bond needs, Fairfax can help you become bonded so that you may continue your practice. Bonds help your consumers build trust with you as professional.

A handful of common examples of professions requiring bonds are:

  • Auto dealers
  • License bonds for contractors
  • Liquor bonds
  • Notary public services
  • Mortgage brokers
  • Tax preparers
  • Title bonds
  • And many, many more

In most cases, the bond application process is simple and straight forwarded. You can be usually be bonded that same day.

Bond pricing varies and the Fairfax team has the resources to find bonds for business of all shapes and sizes. You can chat with out of our qualified licensed agents right now via email, phone, or use the live chat feature at the bottom corner of our website.