Do’s & Dont’s; Looking for an Insurance Agent

Do’s & Don’ts; Looking for an Insurance Agent

When searching for the right insurance agent or broker to work with, it is important to have certain criteria in mind before you make your choice. Obtaining an insurance policy can be tricky and confusing especially if you are unaware of what type of policy to choose. Staying informed and establishing an open form of communication is critical in order to ensure you obtain the right insurance policy which meets your needs. As a client, it’s your right to ask as many questions about the insurance coverage you may need, and the agent’s duty to answer all of your questions.

Below are a few “Do’s and Don’ts” which can assist you in choosing an insurance agent who is right for you…Good luck!


Do “vet” your agent! Speak to the agent directly instead of just choosing based on the information you read on their website.

Do ask as many questions you need to until you feel you have gained a better understanding of the insurance policy you are going to get. Remember, insurance terms are almost a completely different language. Ask!

Do make sure the broker is working with your best interest in mind.

Do choose a brokerage with experienced agents, and agents with a great reputation.

Do make sure that once you have chosen a policy that any changes (also known as) endorsements you need to make are sent in writing to your agent.

Do make sure the policy you choose is exactly what the agent spoke to you about with the limits you need.

Do review AND post Yelp reviews. It helps hearing about other people’s experience with that specific agency or brokerage. However, take it with a grain of salt. Sometimes another customer’s experience and needs are different than yours and may result in a different outcome.


Don’t choose an agent or broker who makes you feel pressured. Be sure to research insurance coverage the agent spoke to you about so you can make sure it is what you need.

Don’t withhold information from your agent as it may work against you in the event of a claim.

Don’t assume you are covered for everything related to your policy. Pay attention to exclusions. DON’T assume anything!

Don’t rush into choosing a policy. This is a big investment, no matter what type of policy you are trying to obtain.

Don’t go without obtaining insurance after your prior policy expires or gets cancelled.

Don’t bring a bad experience from another insurance agent to a new agent. Every industry has good and bad representatives. DON’T worry, just DO your homework!


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