Travel Insurance: A Good Investment?

Travel Insurance: A Good Investment?

The thought of expelling your daily stress and relaxing by a pool for a couple weeks sounds ideal and carefree. But what happens if you cannot make it to your paradise destination due to unforeseen circumstances? With summertime quickly approaching, there’s a high likelihood that you or someone you know will take a vacation. This is where travel insurance comes into play, the very common but often not purchased policy.


Why should you purchase travel insurance?

For one, a travel insurance policy can protect you in case your flight gets cancelled or delayed for an extended period. Some policies can even cover costs to get you food and lodging if your 2-hour layover turns into a 22-hour layover. If you are in luck, and you aren’t experiencing any travel delays, what happens if you make it to Bora Bora but your bag does not? This is also a time when travel insurance can be beneficial. Medical coverage is an additional feature, ensuring that if you are injured during your trip, you could be covered to get necessary medical assistance in your destination or even take an emergency flight back home.


How come most people don’t purchase it?

The thought of something going wrong is not on the foreground of anyone’s mind while planning a trip. Out of sight, out of mind mentality is a common approach. Most travelers will not think about travel insurance unless something does go wrong, and then in that instance, they wish that they had purchased the insurance. It is recommended that a policy should be purchased within 24 hours of booking your trip. Think of it as a small investment towards future fun. Most policies only cost between 4%-10% of the trip depending upon how much coverage you desire, a worthwhile cost to feel protected and secure.


How to obtain a quote?

The quoting process for travel insurance is quick and simple. The only information you will need to know off-hand is the cost of your trip and the ages of your travelers. From there, your agent will be able to present you with plans showcasing different levels of coverage. There are usually three choices ranging from the most basic coverage to premium coverage. This allows you the flexibility to determine what will be most beneficial to you. A plus side of this insurance is that you will not have to worry about renewal dates or monthly payments. It is a per-trip policy, a one-time purchase for a specified destination.


For the peace of mind that you will obtain knowing that the policy will travel with you, acting as a shield for the unforeseen and unwelcome, you can see how travel insurance can be highly beneficial. Our agents at Fairfax are ready to help you find a policy and will be able to quote you in minutes. Our phone number is 323-800-2239, or if an online inquiry is preferred –

Kristen Nadel is a broker/agent at Fairfax Insurance Services.

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