Travel Insurance

Got an exciting trip planned? You’ve worked hard for it. Researched the best deals on flights, accommodations, sightseeing tours, and restaurants. Perhaps you’re the type that has their itinerary planned months in advance or maybe you’re more likely to arrive and simply go with the flow. Really, there’s no wrong way to travel if you’re being safe, smart, and not pissing off the locals. You’ve been looking forward to your vacation and you’ve invested a good chunk of change into it. What most people probably forget to do before taking off in that big jet plane is to purchase travel insurance. It doesn’t matter where you are going. Travel insurance can turn out to be your new best friend during your upcoming vacation.

Aside from sightseeing, relaxation, and general revelry, you know what else can happen during a prolonged vacation? Something can go wrong. Flights get cancelled, hotel reservations can be lost, people can get sick, trains can be delayed…you get the point. This is where our travel insurance comes in. We have partnered with an international program. With one phone call, from anywhere in the world, you’ll get a real live person on the phone guiding you through whatever went wrong.

We can’t stress this enough: you MUST purchase travel insurance BEFORE you leave for your trip. For a small fraction of the full cost of your trip, travel insurance will insure trip cancellation, trip interruption, travel delays, missed connections, baggage coverage, baggage delays, medical and dental coverage, as well as emergency assistance and transportation services. The services offered include 24-hour emergency assistance. So, for your peace of mind, get trip protection before going on that dream vacation. Nobody regrets purchasing it when circumstances arise in which they really need it.

Perhaps you have planned the most exciting vacation. You are travelling to 3 different continents and visiting 10 countries. You have every detail taken care of expecting everything to be perfect because you have planned it so well. Suddenly, after a few weeks of your trip you find yourself in a foreign country where you have a little accident. You ate something bad. You need to go to the hospital NOW! Well, who do you call? What do you do? This is where our travel insurance comes in. We have partnered with an international program that gives you the comfort in knowing that all it takes is ONE phone call, and you will know where to go to get your injury or illness taken care of right away!

Immediate medical assistance is only one of the many solutions our travel insurance partnerships offer in the event of an unfortunate situation that may occur during your trip. For a very minimum cost, you can get the peace of mind knowing you and your loved ones will be protected in case your trip is cancelled or interrupted, you miss a flight, your luggage goes missing, your rental car is damaged, or you need emergency transportation. With all of the uncertainties in this world, make sure you are travelling with certain protection.

Travel Protection